As a coach, I guide you on your path toward knowing yourself. Each path is unique, like your destination, I am there to support you.

While working together to achieve your goals, you bring your engagement, I bring my dedication and proficiency.

Coaching is an umbrella for many types of professional support. During a session, my role can dynamically shift from coach to motivator to mentor or counselor. This palette provides you with an environment to get a deeper understanding of yourself. We will test new ideas/strategies to discover your strengths, values, and acquire the skills needed.

My services are inspired by the Humanistic School of Psychology and intuitive development. Combined they offer a clear framework to explore your strengths and values with the aim of personal development. I respect your growth processes and I am there to support you. Your aims and dedication to growth are the magic ingredients in the process.

Three main models structure the way I coach.

  • GROW model
    This action-focused model has its origins in sports coaching, ideal for short term results.
    Coaching for performance, John Whitmore 2017
  • Skilled helper
    This well-tested model smoothly integrates past experiences with present resources into an action plant toward an ideal future.
    The skilled helper, Gerard Egan 2014.
  • Chakras
    This age-old model provides a clear framework to investigate fundamental questions of our lives.
    Eastern body western mind, Anodea Judith 2004.

In practice how do I work?

In the orientation, we will discuss whether we can work together on your issue (free of charge). Once we decide to work together, we formulate your objectives and define what you want to achieve during the following sessions (although this might be reassessed during the process).

Based on the first session and personalized pre-coaching questionnaire, I’ll set outa coaching contract with clear objectives.

We will be working together through blocks of 5 sessions. During the session, the coaching models above will guide my interventions. Sessions last between 1h to maximum 2h.

We reflect on the process during the last 5 to 10 minutes of each session. Your feedback is crucial to tailoring the process to meet your unique needs.

For some questions which don’t fit naturally into a coaching model, we can use the time for more open coaching/counseling work.

We close the coaching agreement when you feel that you reached your objectives or when I cannot help you further in your growth process.

Please contact me when to learn more about how I work and how I can support your progress.


I work in professional coaching rooms in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Ede, and Den Haag. If applicable the travel costs and time will be charged in addition to the hourly rate.

Video sessions are possible via video link.

I feel comfortable to coach in English and French.

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