"Know yourself"


Your coach will guide you on your path toward knowing yourself. Each path is unique, I will guide you toward the next crossing. Please contact me for an orientation session. I coach in French and English. We can work on locations around Utrecht, the Netherlands or, through secured video chat.

More about Coaching

Academic coaching

Do you feel the publication/thesis/acquisition/career step urgency?
Is your performance affected by imbalances in work/life?
When sustained by passion, an academic career has moments of great stress. As your coach, I will guide you at the crucial inflection points. Together we will define your professional goals, elaborate the best strategy, and map your skills acquisition towards success. My coaching practice is based on more than 20 years of experience as a researcher in academia. Contact me for an orientation session (free of charge) or read more about Academic coaching.

Personal coaching

Are you struggling to do what you want?
Do you need a sparring partner to strategize your next step?
Your coach provides a safe and friendly environment to challenge your limitations. The coaching process empowers you to tackle your inner critic and explore new horizons. Contact me for an orientation session (free of charge) or read more about Personal coaching.

In-depth coaching

Do you feel that work sucks too much of your energy?
Are you too drained to see what matters?
The in-depth approach adds a spiritual dimension to coaching. It provides you with a different angle on the burning questions. In the process, you will learn useful tools to improve your wellbeing. Contact me for an orientation session (free of charge) or read more about In-depth coaching.

Thierry Delatte
About Thierry Delatte

The inner workings of life fascinate me. After a long international career in academic research, I have a great sense of working with different cultures, and years of developing intuition have enriched my work and personal life. My love of learning and an unquenchable curiosity about life has motivated me to qualify as a coach in humanistic psychology. Are you looking for an English or French-speaking coach, who knows about life as an ex-pat in an academic environment? Learn more about Thierry

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