Personal coaching – better knowing yourself

Personal coaching is an active process to better know yourself.

During the coaching process, you will learn to develop and apply new strategies to define and achieve your life goals.

We’ll structure the interaction in an open and collaborative atmosphere. In this atmosphere, you can explore your values, strengths, and abilities. We tailor strategies to your unique needs. Throughout the process, I am there to support you until your objective is met.

Successful coaching is based on motivation, commitment, and a clear destination. Together we will clarify your destination, look for the best motivators and I will keep challenging you to optimize your processes.

The humanistic school of psychology offers a clear framework to explore yourself to grow. Personal growth is the base for fulfillment and joy in life.

The first (orientation) meeting is to explore whether we can work together on your personal growth (free of charge). Contact me for the orientation session or read more about the coaching process.


  • Orientation meeting (free of charge)
  • Hourly rate 100€
  • Coaching package (5 sessions): 450€

Prices include VAT