Educated as a molecular biologist, I have studied and worked in university labs in France, the Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland, and Canada. In these labs, I studied the biochemical inner life of plants, from arabidopsis to hop. While experiencing life as a student, researcher, mentor, ex-pat, husband, and father, I found that exploring interpersonal relations intensified my energy.

Some years ago, I chose to professionally explore these interpersonal aspects of life. I started training on both intuitive development and coaching in Utrecht, The Hague, and Amstelveen. Doing this, I discovered the fascinating science of knowing yourself while working with others.

Having lived in different professional and personal environments, I developed a strong sensitivity for people and cultures. This life experience helps me to understand what it takes to be myself in often alienating settings.

As a coach, I have learned to support people in their personal and professional discovery processes, especially university students, academics, and professionals. My academic mind integrates relevant theories and methods to your specific needs. This ability marked my scientific career and has proved even more useful in my coaching practice.

Diplomas and certifications

  • 2023: Hypnotherapist Diploma, OMNI Academy, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2020: Coaching/counselling certification, Academy for Counselling and Coaching Amstelveen, Netherlands
  • 2017-to date: Intuitive developement, Centrum voor Leven en Intuïtie, Netherlands
  • 2006: Ph.D. in plant molecular biology and biochemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2002: Master of Science in Plant and Microbial Production, Wageningen University, Netherlands
  • 2000: Maîtrise in human Biochemistry, University of Orleans, France

Professional organization