Undesired behavior(s) hard to let go?

Is your willpower letting you down?

When changes require significant willpower to sustain, an outdated mental program might be at play. Your subconscious is here to protect you. This protection relies on programs, which are automatic responses to environmental cues, like mental reflexes. Some of these programs are dating from early childhood and do not fit your present situation.

Outdated metal programs are the source of much suffering.

Hypnotherapy is ideally suited to update problematic subconscious programs.

How do I work?

We define what you need to be changed in the orientation meeting.

I guide you into hypnosis. Where you experience heightened awareness which opens the door to the subconscious mind.

We discover the unresolved emotions that anchor outdated programs. By healing these stuck emotions we create space for new programs.

Lastly, we update the program to reflect the desired behavior.

This process takes two to three sessions.


  • Fear/anxieties
  • Learning disabilities stigmas (dyslexia, ADD, ADHD,…)
  • Writer’s block
  • Anger
  • Migraine/tension headache
  • Stress
  • Traumas
  • Self-confidence and insecurity
  • Sleep difficulties

Hypnosis is a versatile tool powered by our creativity. Contact me to discuss possibilities.


  • Orientation meeting (free of charge)
  • Single session 170€
  • Hypnotherapy package (4 sessions) 450€

Prices include VAT